Stray : More than a cat simulator | No Spoiler Review

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about a different type of game that released this week on PS4, PS5 and PC, yes, Stray. The game where we play as a cat. We got the first look at Stray back in 2020 and we all were excited to see how this turns out and boy did it deliver.

Stray is more than a cat simulator, we play as a Cat in a world set in dystopian future. Although the game has play time of 4 hours and 7 hours for completionist, the game can be completed withing 2 hours and the game has a trophy related to it.

Stray brings us to a perspective of a cat, who is lost in an unknown City and within the city are the "Cyber Humans" and an unknown danger. The story of the stray is pretty forward where the cat has to get out of an unknown city but there is so much going on. The gameplay of Stray is generic as well, but what makes it special is that player can climb almost anywhere and enter anywhere. The one more thing that highlights the gameplay of stray is you can do whatever a cat can do, that includes dropping random stuff, playing with a ball, rubbing yourself on a droid, tearing up the carpet and much more. There is a dedicated

"Meow" button where the cat "Meow" whenever the player wants and guess what, there is a trophy related to that as well.

In stray, the player/cat gets a buddy gets buckled up on the cat's back and helps the cat throughout the game, player has different sets of puzzle every now and then and player has to listen to the surrounding to progress through the game. This is one of the best games I've player to implement a good and non repetitive puzzles.

Now we talk about the World of Stray, this game has an insane vibrant and dark environment. The lighting in this game is so good that I was unable to stop myself from taking screen shots.

This game runs at locked 60 FPS on PS5 and locked 30 FPS on PS4 and PS4 pro and Unlocked FPS on PC.

Summary : Stray is one of the best games I've played this year, the journey stray takes us is filled with grim and dark world, characters worth remembering and an emotional journey of a cat which I never though this game would be. This game has some serious emotional elements that really made me question many things.

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